A new public online lecture series “Mobility analysis and planning for human-scale cities”

A new public online lecture series “Mobility analysis and planning for human-scale cities” arranged by the Mobility Lab, Department of Geography, starts on March 10th.  

The lecture series features experts and leading scholars in the field of mobility and transport from Estonia and around the world. In the series, we seek to answer the question of how to promote human-scale, sustainable, and just cities through mobility analysis and transport planning. The lectures address transport policy, social, environmental and health aspects of mobility and transport, traditional and novel methods in mobility analysis and transport planning, and innovative technologies and future solutions and their social impact.  

The lecture series will take place from March 10 to April 26, 2022. It is arranged within the Transport Planning master course and features lectures both in Estonian and English. The lecture series is supported by the Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Network action CCAMEU—Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility: EU and Australasian Innovations. 

Information about the full lecture series and registration at https://transportplanning.ut.ee/ .  

The schedule of the public online lecture series:

  • March 10, 14:15 (UTC+02:00) Johann Peetre (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications) “Transport and Mobility 2035 Action Plan” (lecture is held in Estonian) 
  • March 15, 14:15 (UTC+02:00) Dr. Karl Saidla (University of Tartu) “Active transportation policy – what, why, how?” 
  • March 17, 14:15 (UTC+02:00) Tõnis Arjus (Tartu City Government) “The development and future of cities“ (lecture is held in Estonian) 
  • March 22, 14:15 (UTC+02:00) Prof. Malene Freudendal-Pedersen (Aalborg University) “Sustainable mobilities in the human city” 
  • March 29, 14:15 (UTC+03:00) Prof. Tuuli Toivonen (University of Helsinki) “Analysing accessibility and mobility for planning of sustainable and equitable cities” 
  • April 5, 14:15 (UTC+03:00): Prof. Marketta Kyttä (Aalto University) “Place-based methods is the study of urban mobility and participatory transport planning” 
  • April 7, 14:15 (UTC+03:00) Marek Rannala (Liikuvusagentuur) “The role of (big) data in mobility analysis and transport planning” (lecture is held in Estonian) 
  • April 12, 14:15 (UTC+03:00) Prof. Frank Witlox (Ghent University / University of Tartu) “Modelling approaches in transport geography” 
  • April 19, 14:15 (UTC+03:00) Assoc. Prof. Hans Orru (University of Tartu) “What are the health implications of mobility choices?” (lecture is held in Estonian) 
  • April 21, 08:15 (UTC+03:00) Prof. Anthony Elliott (University of South Australia) “No one driving: technologies, systems, retrotopias” 
  • April 26, 14:15 (UTC+03:00) Dr. Jochen Wendel (INIT) “Advancements in public transit to promote sustainable, connected, and seamless mobility”