Faculty of Science and Technology

The Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Tartu in Estonia is a distinguished capacity centre for natural sciences, IT and technology, the heart and soul that integrates theory, common practice, forward-looking applications and technologies.




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On Tuesday, University of Tartu rector candidates meet for a public debate where they introduce the key points of their election platforms and answer the questions of the university family.
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Teadlased järjestasid Beethoveni juuste abil tema genoomi, mille tulemusel saadi hulganisti uut teavet nii Beethoveni terviseprobleemide kui ka sugulaste kohta.
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On 20 March, the University of Helsinki announced that Riho Altnurme, Professor of Church History at the University of Tartu, and Madis Noppel, Specialist of Aerosol Physics at the University of Tartu
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Last week, the university spin-off company Gearbox Biosciences won a 125,000‑euro investment at the Startup Pitching competition.