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Exhibition "Cosmic Dance“ by Kärt Summatavet in the Delta study building

On the first floor of the Delta study building, you can see Kärt Summatavet's new exhibition, "Cosmic Dance", the idea for which was born while working in the Delta centre. The exhibition "Cosmic Dance" is based on an intuitive idea of connecting cosmic processes with artificial neural networks.

According to Kärt Summatavet, the research topics of computer scientists – artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, supersystems, singularities, dark matter, quantum physics, white holes, and human-artificial intelligence interaction – are an inspiring challenge for an artist. “In computer science, mathematics, physics, and biology, ground-breaking discoveries and theoretical discussions about what awaits humanity in the near future have taken place quickly. What happens when control over innovative processes is lost? Will artificial intelligence (AI) and natural intelligence (NI) soon be co-ordinating the planet? We prepare for the unknown,” said Summatavet.

The exhibition "Cosmic Dance" differs from the author’s previous exhibitions. In the work of the 1990s, she was interested in depicting the mythological worldview in the language of geometric symbols and delved into the texts of ethnology, anthropology, and archaeology. In 2001, Summatavet began experimenting with computer-aided automated control tools (CNC) to transfer sensitive original drawings to precious metal jewellery and industrial prototypes. At the end of the liberal arts professorship at the University of Tartu, the exhibition "Dialogue: Mythology and Artificial Intelligence" was born (2021), which mixes different cultures' perceptions of man's relationship with the universe.

Kärt Summatavet is now fascinated by three new research topics: Philosopher's Stone (knowledge), Borders and Heavenly Gates (transformation), and Cosmic Egg (order and chaos). References to these topics can be found in her new exhibition "Cosmic Dance".

“While drawing, I realized that my idea of mythology is expanding much wider. I learned the Universe before Man is neutral, pure, eternal, infinite, beautiful, harmonious, frighteningly large, and Order and Chaos simultaneously. By drawing, I explore how connections, fields, oscillations, waves, swirls, rotations, unusual movements, and infinite distances appear on paper,” explains the author.

The exhibition "Cosmic Dance" will remain open to visitors on the ground floor of the Delta Study building until the end of August 2024.

Kärt Summatavet (PhD [Taiteen tohtori]) is a consultant at the Institute of Computer Science of the University of Tartu. She graduated from Tallinn as a metal artist (1987) and has exhibited since 1986. She completed her doctoral dissertation in Finland in the Department of Design at the Aalto University in Helsinki (2005). She is a researcher, project manager, expert in education and creative industries, entrepreneur, educator, and innovator.