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May is orienteering month

This year the university’s orienteering month is dedicated to the 220th anniversary of the University of Tartu Library.

All the control points on the orienteering route are in one way or another related to the library. The 21 control points take participants on a journey through the history and help them discover the story of the library.  

If you register your participation, you can share with us your pleasant moment or story related to the library. All registered participants are entered in a raffle for UT gifts. If you go orienteering with a team, be sure to register the names of all members of the team, so they too will take part in the raffle.  

If you want you may share photos from the orienteering trail on the Facebook event page.    

How does orienteering work?  

  • Print the map (it may take time to download) or get it from the reception desk of the university’s main building (Ülikooli 18), the study building of the Delta centre (Narva mnt 18), Biomedicum (Ravila 19), UT Library (W. Struve 1) or the academic building at Vanemuise 46. You may also download the map to your smartphone.  
  • Before you start, make sure you are familiar with the symbols on the map.  
  • The course includes 21 control points, which you may take in any order you want.  
  • Download a QR scanner app to your phone or check if your phone already has this function. When you arrive at a control point, scan the QR code there.  
  • The course runs between houses, on streets, in green areas and other public places. Be careful on the streets! Please note that you must not directly cross various objects on the route (for example, high fences, walls, flowerbeds or hedges). Similarly, you must not enter the yards of private houses or institutions that are marked with respective signs. The “no entry” symbols are easy to find on the map: they marked with a thick black line (fence, wall) and in moss green colour.  

Welcome to an exciting journey through the history of our library!