The defences 2024

The defences in the faculty of Science and Technology in 2024 will take place:


Bachelor's studies  
Science and TechnologyNooruse 1-1213.-7. June
Master's studies  
Robotics and Computer EngineeringW.Ostwaldi 1-A1063.-6. June
BioengineeringNooruse 1-1213.-7. June
Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Software EngineeringInstitute of Computer Science, Narva mnt 184.- 6. June, 10.-12. June
Applied Measurement ScienceInstitute of Chemistry, Ravila 14A-10204.June
Geoinformatics for Urbanised Society

Department of Geography,

Vanemuise 46-335a

Actuarial and Financial Engineering

Institute of Mathematics and Statistics,

Narva mnt 18

6.-7. June,


Materials Science and TechnologyInstitute of Physics, Ostwaldi 1 -A1116.-7. June


Kadri Voorand

Musician Kadri Voorand to be the new Professor of Liberal Arts at the University of Tartu


Career conference „To new hights with a PhD degree!“

Mobility and events

Mobiilsus ja üritused