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Nominations invited for Contribution to Estonian National Identity award

Submission of candidates for the University of Tartu award “Contribution to Estonian National Identity” is open until 31 October. With the award, the university recognises an individual whose creative work has significantly promoted the national and state identity of Estonians and Estonia.

Nominations for the Contribution to Estonian National Identity award may be made by members of the university council and senate, by the councils of faculties, institutes, colleges and non-faculty institutions, by the councils of other research and development institutions and by legal persons registered in Estonia. Please send or email reasoned nominations to the rector at Ülikooli 18, 50090 Tartu or It is also possible to nominate candidates of previous years who were not selected.

The recipient of the award is selected by an 11-member committee convened by the senate and comprising the rector, the recipient of the award from the previous year, four members from the university and five members from outside the university. The award will be presented at the ceremony marking the 103rd anniversary of Estonia’s national university in the university assembly hall on 1 December.

The Contribution to Estonian National Identity award has been issued since 2004. Previous awardees include the writer and ethnologist Ilmar Talve, composer Veljo Tormis, academician Endel Lippmaa, artist Kaljo Põllu, writer Ain Kaalep, ethnologist and scholar Ants Viires, writer Mats Traat, cleric and publicist Vello Salo, screenwriter and film director Arvo Kruusement, artist and collector of traditional handicraft Anu Raud, theologian and scholar Toomas Paul, writer Arvo Valton, filmmaker and cameraman Andres Sööt, zoologist and populariser of nature Fred Jüssi, translator and theologian Kalle Kasemaa, poet and publicist Hando Runnel, theatre researcher Lea Tormis and composer Erkki-Sven Tüür.

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