Maria Laanelepp

Sandbox Toolbox event - Human Centered Product Development with Sabah Haider of Bolt

The most successful products are the ones that deliver real value and joy to people. That requires companies to identify the unmet needs and opportunities in order to define the right products to build and then make sure they’re working effectively for users to meet their goals so smoothly that they’ll keep coming back. When products are built on assumptions or launched without being validated, the risk of failure is high, but the bigger risk is losing users. 

This talk will focus on the role and value of user experience research as an integrated part of the product development process to build a product team’s confidence that they’re prioritizing and pursuing the most user centered projects. The presentation will introduce attendees to the process of understanding and applying human insights in the product development process from discovery to ideation to iteration and evaluation.

The Toolbox event will take place online on September 20th from 16:00 to 18:00. If you don't want to just sit behind your own laptop, then there will also be a joint viewing in the Sandbox room (3092) at the Delta Centre.


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