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2022. aastal kaitstud doktoritööd:

Oleg  „Artemchuk Autotrophic nitrogen removal processes for nutrient removal from sidestream and mainstream wastewater“

Mohamed Ragab Bench-ranking: a prescriptive analysis approach for large knowledge graphs query workloads

Maido Merisalu „Nanostructured coatings for car and aerospace industries“

Maret Gerz „The distribution and role of mycorrhizal symbiosis in plant communities“

Lidia Feklistova „Learners of an introductory programming MOOC: background variables, engagement patterns and performance“

Tanel Sõrmus „Development of stimuli-responsive and covalent bisubstrate inhibitors of protein kinases“

Georg-Marten Lanno „Development of novel antibacterial drug delivery systems as wound scaffolds using electrospinning technology“

Kaarin Hein  „The hissing behaviour of great tit (Parus major) females reflects behavioural phenotype and breeding success in a wild population“

Jakob Mass „Process management for Internet of mobile things“

Gamal Elkoumy „Privacy-enhancing technologies for business process mining“

Marili Sell „The impact of environmental change on ecophysiology of hemiboreal tree species – acclimation mechanisms in belowground“

Alo Rüütel „Design principles of synthetic molecular receptors for anion-selective electrodes“

Mari Tagel „Finding novel factors affecting the mutation frequency: a case study of tRNA modification enzymes TruA and RluA“

Henel Jürgens „Exploring post-translational modifications of histones in RNA polymerase II-dependent transcription“

Tetiana Brodiazhenko „RelA-SpoT homolog enzymes as effectors of Toxin-Antitoxin systems“

Holger Virro „Geospatial data harmonization and machine learning for large-scale water quality modelling“

Bruno Montibeller „Evaluating human-induced forest degradation in different biomes using spatial analysis of satellite-derived data“

Mubashar Iqbal Reference framework for managing security risks using blockchain 

Katri Pärna Improving the personalized prediction of complex traits and diseases: application to type 2 diabetes

Silva Lilleorg Bacterial ribosome heterogeneity on the example of bL31 paralogs in Escherichia coli

Jaana Lilloja Transition metal and nitrogen doped nanocarbon cathode catalysts for anion exchange membrane fuel cells 

Eerik Jõgi Development and applications of E. coli immunosensor 

Maris-Johanna Tahk Novel fluorescence-based methods for illuminating transmembrane signal transduction by G-protein coupled receptors 

Ott Rebane In situ non-contact sensing of microbiological contamination by fluorescence spectroscopy

Heido Trofimov Polluted clouds at air pollution hot spots help to better understand anthropogenic impacts on Earth’s climate

Mohammed Mainul Hossain Numerical analysis of vibrations of nanobeams

Nele Taba Diet, blood metabolites, and health 

Juhan Saaring Ultrafast relaxation processes in ternary hexafluorides studied under synchrotron radiation excitation

Saleh Rahimlouye Barabi Investigation of diazotrophic bacteria association with plants 

Farzad Aslani Towards revealing the biogeography of belowground diversity 

Mihhail Fetissov Spatial decision support systems for ecosystem-based marine management 

Rauno Lust „Bioelectrochemical systems for enhanced removal of nitrate from water with a low electron donor concentration“

Ants Tull „Domesticated and wild mammals as reservoirs for zoonotic helminth parasites in Estonia“

Markus Valge Testing the predictions of life history theory on anthropometric data 

Andre Ostrak Diameter two properties in spaces of Lipschitz functions 

Kristo Väljako On the Morita equivalence of idempotent rings and monomorphisms of firm bimodules

Alar Heinsaar Investigation of oxygen electrode materials for high-temperature solid oxide cells in natural conditions 

Mari-Ann Lind Internal constraints on energy processing and their consequences: an integrative study of behaviour, ornaments and digestive health in greenfinches 

Najmeh Mozaffaree Pour Urban expansion in Estonia: monitoring, analysis, and modeling

Olavi Reinsalu Cancer-testis antigen MAGE-A4 is incorporated into extracellular vesicles and is exposed to the surface 

Tina Saupe The genetic history of the Mediterranean before the common era: a focus on the Italian Peninsula

Ludovica Molinaro Ancestry deconvolution of Estonian, European and Worldwide genomic layers: a human population genomics excavation

Meeli Alber Impact of elevated atmospheric humidity on the structure of the water transport pathway in deciduous trees

Elizaveta Yankovskaya informaatika erialal doktoritööd Quality estimation through attention

Jinfeng Zhao Electrochemical characteristics of Bi(hkl) and micro-mesoporous carbon electrodes in ionic liquid based electrolytes

Alisa Krasnova Greenhouse gas fluxes in hemiboreal forest ecosystems 

Triin Kaasiku A wader perspective to Boreal Baltic coastal grasslands: from habitat availability to breeding site selection and nest survival 

Kristjan Krips Privacy and coercion resistance in voting

Sigrid Soomer Palaeoweathering record of the Archaean–Proterozoic transition in the Imandra–Varzuga Greenstone Belt, north-western Russia

Faiza Summer Development and optimization of flow electrode capacitor technology

Kreete Lüll Investigating the relationships between human microbiome, host factors and female health

Elise Joonas Evaluation of metal contaminant hazard on microalgae with environmentally relevant testing strategies

Keit Kiil Nutrient fluxes regulation in an in-stream constructed wetland treating polluted agricultural runoff

Maarja Paalo Synthesis and characterization of novel carbon electrodes for high power density electrochemical capacitors

Annika Joy Meitern Impact of potassium ion content of xylem sap and of light conditions on the hydraulic properties of trees

Riinu Härmas The structure and H2 diffusion in porous carbide-derived carbon particles"

Mickaël Mathieu Pihain The evolutionary effect of phylogenetic neighbourhoods of trees on their resistance to herbivores and climatic stress

Heli Einberg Non-linear and non-stationary relationships in the pelagic ecosystem of the Gulf of Riga (Baltic Sea)

Koit Aasumets The dynamics of human mitochondrial nucleoids within the mitochondrial network

Anniki Puura Relationships between personal social networks and spatial mobility with mobile phone data

Volodymyr Leno Robotic Process Mining: accelerating the adoption of Robotic Process Automation

Manuel Camargo Automated discovery of business process simulation models from event logs: a hybrid process mining and deep learning approach

Veronika Plotnikova FIN-DM: a data mining process for the financial services

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